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Subscribtion Plan for Sweep and Service

Sweep & Service Subscription of multifuel/log-burner stove

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

The Sweep & Service package includes a yearly sweep and service of your stove. It's a convenient service that ensures you don't have to remember when the sweep and service are due, and there won't be any long wait times as we take care of it all for you. During the service, we check the door seals to ensure they are airtight, which prevents carbon monoxide from escaping into your property. It also improves the appliance's efficiency by hindering air supply and controlling heat emission. We also check the door glass for misting, cracks, and breakages and repair any fire bricks if needed. Additionally, we check the fire grate for cracks and blockages, the ash pan for corrosion, and the baffle plate for cracks or warping. We also ensure the appliance's integrity and check for any cracks that may have developed. We perform a smoke evacuation test and check the carbon monoxide alarm. Finally, we oil the hinges, lock, and air controls and re-seal the spigot and flue pipe if necessary. Please note that parts are extra, and we provide a certificate upon completion of the service. TERMS & CONDITIONS – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Your chimney will be inspected by a professional sweep assessed to the national standards. All services are carried out in good faith; brief visual inspections are carried out of the appliance and chimney, but due to the concealed nature of chimneys and associated appliances, information should not be relied upon as a guarantee that the appliance and chimney are safe and free of faults or issues related to age, misuse, or poor installation. Unless otherwise told by the homeowner or the person allowing him/her entry into the property, the chimney sweep will assume that the appliance is correctly and safely installed and is in a fit state to be swept. If a fault occurs during sweeping, this is not the fault of the sweep; for a chimney and items connected to the installation to be considered fit for use, they must be in such condition that they can be safely cleaned and tested. If damage is caused during sweeping, this suggests an underlying fault exposed by the sweeping process.

Cancellation Policy

Please get in touch with us at least 72 hrs before your appointment to cancel or reschedule.

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