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Chimney Sweep


We offer a clean, friendly and professional chimney sweeping service with a sweeping certificate covering Bingley and surrounding areas.

Stove Installation

Bingley Chimney Stove installation

We are your local HETAS registered business. Get in touch for a free quote


Flue Draft Test


The constant flow of flue gases at the correct flow rate with the least possible variation is required for safe and efficient combustion. Insufficient flue draft will cause ignition difficulties and will likely result in fume emission and potential health risks. Too much draft will take control of the fire difficult and may result in overheating.

Bingley Chimney Cowl_edited.png

Chimney Cowl and Unused Chimney's Cap Installation

We offer installation services for chimney cowls and caps to enhance the performance of the flue. Our services prevent birds from nesting and debris from entering the chimney from above, which could create blockages in the flue and compromise the safety of your home. 

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